We Are Family….

These last few days have filled me with joy. On Sunday, Bill and I picked up my sister, Cathi, and we drove to Modesto, California, for our Aunt Ginner’s 90th birthday celebration. Cathi and I lost our father back in 1982, so it was so special for us to see his only sister, for whom I am named, on such a momentous occasion. Since Cathi still lives in the general area, she has seen Aunt Ginner, and our cousins, much more often than I. As a matter of fact, I hadn’t seen Ginner’s daughter, Diane, since I was 9 years old! I had managed to make it to a Graham Family Reunion back in 1999, and saw Aunt Ginner, and her sons Gary and Darrel then. How wonderful to see them all on such a happy occasion. Our other cousins, from our late Uncle Bob, had gathered to celebrate Cousin Roberta’s 70th birthday in Arkansas on the exact same day, and therefore couldn’t make it to the party here. Now that would have been a great coup, one that I hope will happen in the not-too-distant future.

The girls – Cousin Diane, Sister Cathi, Aunt Ginner, and Jeanie.
I kept Bill busy taking pictures all day. Gentleman that he is, he obliged with great gusto, and lucky for me we have a great camera and he enjoys taking photos.

Graham/Stambaugh Cousins. Cousin Diane, Sister Cathi, Cousin Darrel, Jeanie, Cousin Gary, and Cathi’s daughter Wendy with her baby, Laura.
On Tuesday (yesterday), Thatcher turned 5 weeks old. Every week I am amazed at how much he grows. Felicia, Thatch and I drove up to Mill Valley to have lunch and spend the day with Wendy, Laura and Cathi. It was the first time they had seen Thatcher, and we were anxious for Laura and Thatcher to meet.

Laura and Thatcher are exactly eight months apart (January 9th and September 9th). Wendy wanted to hold a new baby again – it’s so easy to forget how small they are!

Wendy cooked up a fabulous feast for us. She and her husband, Adam, have lived for a year now in their home, which they like to call Hogwarts. It is an unbelievably adorable, and quite indescribable, cottage/mini-castle. I know that doesn’t make much sense, but you’d have to see it to understand. (Click on Campbell’s Photo Gallery for more pictures.)
After we ate lunch, and were starting the clean-up process, Laura crawled over to the recycling bin and I caught her with this.

This is one of my favorite pictures of all time! Don’t you just love that mischievous look on her face?
Felicia and I had such a wonderful day. I am thrilled that she has family (representing my side!) living near her. While I was growing up in San Diego, all of my cousins lived in the Central or Northern California region, and nobody made the trek much back then. I have only scattered memories, so my heart is joyful when I can reconnect with them now.

With my girl and her boy. I am so thankful for every day that I can be with them.

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