Pulling Up Stakes…

Sunday, the 25th of May, we celebrated five years of marriage. What can I say, but that they’ve been five of the best years of my life? Anyway, Jeanie and I went to our usual spot in NYC for our anniversary: Knickerbocker’s Bar and Grill in Greenwich Village. Jeanie had their signature T-bone steak, and I had their St. Louis style ribs.

I keep saying, life just doesn’t get any better than this. And then it does get better. And better. And better.

Tuesday was our last day (night) in New York. We spent the day doing chores, which are extensive in a large fifth-wheel that’s been sitting in one spot for two months. You forget a lot. Bicycles that once fit together on the same rack suddenly do not. And basement storage becomes a logistical nghtmare which is more puzzling when we consider that we haven’t acquired anything more than what we had when we first arrived. Hmmmm.

A couple from Toronto, Ontario pulled into a site just a few feet from ours. They had problems with getting the water from the spigot to the coach. I resisted the tempatation to laugh…these rubes obviously hadn’t been on the road long enough to even know how to hook up their water. Turns out they’ve been on the road themselves, off and on, for several years more than Jeanie and me, and their “simple” problem remained unsolved after I’d worked on it for close to two hours. A great lesson for me…nothing is as it seems.

And even though I didn’t help much, they nearly killed themselves thanking me, and I walked away with an email address for two new friends, and a bottle of wine which they insisted I take, in appreciation for my trouble.

Good folks. And I couldn’t help laughing when they told me their names: Orville and Sally Campbell!

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