Part 2 of Looking Back

When we left New York in late October, 2006, we stayed just outside Washington DC to take in the sights. This was mentioned, again, in a previous post, but we hadn’t included a picture.

The sun was setting so that, looking from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument and Capitol Building looked like they were glowing pink.

Several stops later, we landed in Memphis, where we stayed at the RV park behind the Heartbreak Hotel on Lonely Street! We had some great BBQ, saw St. Jude’s Hospital, Sun Studios where so many early rock and rollers got their recording start, and this:

Every morning a piper plays in front of the Presley family graves at Graceland, and it is free.

Moving on down I-40, part of which is the old Route 66, we found the Cadillac Ranch.

Just outside of Amarillo, Texas. If you don’t know to look for it, you could miss it. It took us a couple of passes to take the correct turn-off and schlep out to it in the freezing cold wind!

We arrived in Apache Junction, Arizona, mid-November, for Heather’s baby shower. With hugs and kisses for Heather and Tyler, and promising to be back before her baby was due to be born sometime in early December, we drove up to Northern California for Felicia’s wedding. We had Thanksgiving with Wes’s large extended family, got some last-minute wedding preparations done, and then the wedding day, November 25, 2006!

Wes’s mother, Ineke, and I each read a poem during the ceremony.

We left the following day, and keeping tabs on Heather, we got a call only a couple of hours after leaving Pleasanton that Heather had gone into labor. As far as we were all concerned, she was a couple of weeks early, but that didn’t matter anymore. We made the decision to drive all day/night to get there, hopefully, before the baby was born. Alas, after nearly killing ourselves to make it, we missed it by a mere two hours. Luckily, Heather and Baby Ethan were happy, healthy and very glad to see us.

Meet Ethan William Campbell, born on November 27, 2006. Both Heather and Bill were, and looked, exhausted!

We stayed in Apache Junction for three months helping out and celebrating milestones. First was my 53rd birthday, Christmas and Tyler’s first two wheeler bicycle, his 5th birthday on January 15, 2007, and Heather’s birthday in February. Bill took her horseback riding (her birthday wish), but, unfortunately, we didn’t get a picture.

Needless to say but I will anyway, 2006 was a monumental year for us. More on our next post, as we continue 2007.

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