Looking Back

When we first started our adventure on the road, we were certain that we could keep up with this blog. We told all our friends to keep watching it to see what we were up to. Little did we know that this lifestyle was going to take up so much of our time. Like my friend, Behan, who is now living/traveling with her husband and three children on a sailboat, much of life is “routine maintenance in exotic locations”.

Add to that, wanting to spend as much time with our grandchildren as possible, and, well, being very tired from being on the go-go-go! It seems oddly fitting, now that we will be winding down our journeys in about two months, that I am finding the time and motivation to look back on all the pictures we have taken and want to share many of them with our readership. These photos are merely the highlights, and about a third are from the “missing year”, 2007. I will also spread these out over several posts so it won’t be too overwhelming. Hope you enjoy them.

This first picture is of Devils Tower in Wyoming. We do have another picture of this on one of our first posts, but this is a picture of the other side – it is not photographed as much – but it makes me think of Close Encounters of the Third Kind, where Richard Dreyfuss is obsessed with the mountain and takes a huge mound of mashed potatoes and carves out the ridges with a fork. A classic!

July 2006, Old Faithful Geyser, Yellowstone

We had fun posing with the dudes on Mount Rushmore. Washington, Jefferson, T. Roosevelt, Lincoln, Campbell?

Another favorite classic movie of mine is North by Northwest. Cary Grant and Eva Marie Saint – oh boy, what a scene on the train! But I also had to see the view from inside the cafeteria/cafe where the fake murder/gunshot was filmed.

Niagara Falls has remained one of the biggest highlights of our time on the road. It is completely breathtaking. We took a tour (a must to really see everything), crossed over to Canada to see the falls from the best side, and took one of the Maid of the Mist boats to the foot of the falls. One of my favorite Marilyn Monroe films, Niagara, was filmed on the Canadian side, then they tore down the entire set, which was on a cliff overlooking the falls, when they were done filming. Great film noir.

Once we were in New York, and fall was upon us, we took a day to leaf peep in New England. This picture was taken in Massachusetts, near Stockbridge, in the Birkshires. Gorgeous part of the country, especially in the fall.

Which brings us to the real reason we were in New York for the fall – grandson Brando’s first birthday! We hadn’t seen Brando since he was born, but arrived in New York mid-August so we could see him prior to his birthday and babysit during the days while his parents were at work and school. We feel like we got to know him and he us during the nearly 10 weeks we were there. We got to see him tentatively walk for the first time and was just beginning to speak his first real words. What a joy this little guy is. Aaron (my son) got him a Brando-sized piano for his birthday. He loves it still.

As I said, there are lots more photos, but these are just highlights. I’ll post more pictures tomorow.

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