Bittersweet Thanksgiving

Here we sit in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. One more night (in Raton, NM), and we will arrive at our little home in Fort Collins, Colorado! There is such a huge mixture of excitement and sorrow as we make this final leg of our trip. We will miss so much of being “on the road”. One of the big things is seeing stuff like this

Bill took this amazing picture of cloud formations just over our heads at our RV park. Being out in the wide open spaces also affords us clear shots like this

Bill got this one of the moon, Venus and Jupiter, which was plain to see with the naked eye last night in Benson, Arizona. This won’t happen again until 2052, when we will be long gone. We are so glad we were able to see it this time!

Our Thanksgiving was spent with Felicia’s husband Wes’s large extended family. We always enjoy seeing the Douwes family, and now we share our new grandson, Thatcher. Here are the happy Grammas (Oma and Nana) and the Grandpas (Opa and Bill).

It was so hard to leave Felicia and Thatcher. We had such a wonderful visit. I guess I just can’t put it into more words than that. Mamas and daughters just bond over babies, ya know? Here is my girl and me with the little man

And finallly, the new family:

I love this picture. It truly conveys how happy they are.

It might be a while until we get another post put up. Getting our rig emptied and our house put together could take quite a while. We will continue to take pictures and try to keep y’all up to date. Heather and the boys are waiting for us. Ethan, who turned 2 on Thanksgiving day, recently broke his leg, poor little guy. We’ll let you know what’s up with all of that, too.

Finally, we are thankful for all of you who read this blog and have told us how much you enjoy it. We will endeavor to keep it going in one form or another. Even if we don’t get anything written, we update our Campbell’s Photo Gallery pretty often. Just click at the top right corner of the home page to see what is new in picture form.

As we head into the holidays, we wish you peace and love.