It’s Hot!!!!

A view of the sun at exactly the right moment from our coach here in Morgan Hill, California. We probably wouldn’t have been able to view it in this spectacular fashion, but for the smoke in the atmosphere from the scores of fires throughout the state that threaten to send the whole place, well, up in smoke. And there doesn’t look to be any relief from the fire-friendly conditions anytime soon, either. High winds, and temperatures close to 104 degrees today! We’ve got both our air conditioners cranked to the max. We had thought to begin some serious bicycling while we were here, but the smoke in the air makes for some rough and unhealthy breathing. So we’re staying inside except for running a few errands into Gilroy, about twenty minutes south of us, and taking Annie outside every so often for her duties. But don’t think that means we’re sitting around on our duffs not doing anything. Our latest health routine includes a low-carb eating regimen, and this, being demonstrated by an exceptionally buff-looking Jeanie: Fred Hahn’s Slow Burn. Thirty minutes every 5-7 days, and we’re feeling better than we have just about any time in our lives that we can think of.

That said, I might point out that we’re not particularly fond of aggressive lifestyle evangelists, or any other evangelists for that matter. Likely you’re not fond of them either. So if you’d like any more detailed information on Protein Power or Slow Burn, just leave a comment stating so, and we’ll get back with you.