What the–?

Check out the prices at the gas station near where we are staying in Croton-on-Hudson, New York. The white arrow is pointing to the category we’re interested in here, as our truck runs on diesel. A note of hilarious irony: we decided to buy a diesel truck because it would (snicker) save us money on fuel. Of course, we bought it in those bygone days (two years ago) when diesel fuel was approaching a mere $2 per gallon, and we thought that was high!

Thus begins our last full week here in the gorgeous state of New York. The park personnel came around late this morning with their lawn mower (a surprise, given it’s Sunday, and a good thing, too; the grass in some places here was approaching knee-high to a twenty foot grasshopper, as someone in my deep, murky past used to say). Afterwards, a light but steady rain that didn’t clear up until dinnertime. But the sun popped out and everything was beautiful and clean-smelling. We will miss it. In fact, when we went into the park office to pay for our last week-and-a-half, the curmudgeons we mentioned in an earlier post were actually pleasant!