Oh, Good Grief!

OK, so getting settled into our new little house has taken loads of time, but we are happy as little clams. We have added another family member, Maggie, our new puppy. She has also taken up loads of our time. That makes 7 of us in our very small house.

Bill and I have discovered (maybe a little late to the party) Facebook, and are having a ball getting reacquainted with old friends and keeping up with new ones. As a matter of fact, that is where we do most of our updating, so if you would like to join us, please consider joining Facebook! I am “Jeanie Graham Campbell” and Bill is “Bill Campbell”, and we are both in the Northern Colorado “network”. That should make it easy to find us. Just send either or both of us a “friend request” and we’ll be on our way!

So we have been in Fort Collins now for 6 months, and have loved every minute of it. We look forward to a long and happy life here.